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Waitress Followed Home - Paige Richards & her boyfriend Esteban roleplay an altercation in the bathroom. SpyChick-a-Go-Go vs. Dr. Really Bad - Stacy Burke plays a '60s spy going up against an evil yet mod dude.  The roleplay includes Stacy being caught, bound, undressed, & ravished (simulated).
Quarreling Co-Workers - Xara Diaz & her boyfriend Ben roleplay office conflict.  Aren't they cute in their office-wear? Xana Star & Dax StarIn the Hippie's Van - Xana Star & Dax Star brought all their own costumery for this roleplay!  Xana lost her top pretty fast, though.  :)
Secretary and SalesmanThe Secretary & The Salesman - Paige Richards and her boyfriend Esteban roleplay an office fantasy.  These two were really fun to do a photo-shoot with, they brought some of their own ideas and outfits. Mail Order - Here's another couple that wanted to do roleplay pics with me.  Mercy has a beautiful natural body so she was perfect for portraying a naked-slave type.  (And she didn't mind being put in a wooden box!)  Her boyfriend Sebastian had a wonderful Renaissance look to him so we decided to do a period piece.
Sabrina Cox, Egyptian slaveSlave of the White Pharaoh - Sabrina Cox and her Buddy looked just right for this roleplay.  Sabrina was very expressive, acting out how a woman might behave when she's trying to be compliant but is scared of what's going to happen. Sinnamon & GuyRecord Company Rep - Sinnamon Love contacted me and said she really, really wanted to do some pics for this site.  We had a great time with the photo-session because she understands these fantasies.  In this roleplay she portrays a music company representative who's trying to get an artist  to sign a recording contract.  Things don't go very well.  :)
Sinnamon Love's force roleplay with Guy DeSilvaThe Receptionist & the Repairman - This was Sinnamon Love's first roleplay for ForceFantasies.com.  She has a lot of fun doing these little scenes, so I had to take out some pics where she was smiling.  :)



Stacy Burke & Guy DeSilvaThe Hooded Intruder - Stacy Burke is grabbed, carried, tied, fondled, and ravished by Guy DeSilva in this roleplay.  Our performers had a lot of fun but for the pics they stayed "in character".

The Musketeer & The Maiden - Xara Diaz and her boyfriend Ben Campezi acted out this romantic ravishment roleplay perfectly!  Xara has one of the most expressive faces I've ever photographed.
Chased & Caught - Xana Star & Dax Star act out a little roleplay in which he follows her into her house, ties her to the bed and ravishes her. Xara & Ben - force roleplayThe Maid & the Burglar - Exotic Xara Diaz is tied up in an attic by Ben Campezi.  Wonderful roleplay with a very sexy real-life couple.
Marlena & her boyfriendShade & her boyfriendArchive Photosets - When I first started trying to photograph my fantasies, I was lucky to find friends (and their boyfriends) who were interested in helping me start this site. Models include Marlena, Shade Paine and others. More Force Roleplay Photo Sets
Mercy & Sebastian Sinnamon & Guy Paige Richards' force roleplay Paige and her boyfriend - force roleplay
Outtakes & Bloopers - Every time I ask a couple to act out a force roleplay, the lady winds up doing a lot of giggling or goofing around!
Outtake - Paige & Esteban OUTTAKE - Marlena looking amused, as usual OUTTAKE - "here, let me help you with that."   Sinnamon & Guy Outtake - Paige & Esteban
Outtakes & Bloopers - We have a lot of fun at our shoots.  Here are some outtakes; there are lots more in the member area.
OUTTAKE - Sinnamon & Guy Mercy & Sebastian OUTTAKE - thinking inside the box!        Mercy & Sebastian outtake - Mercy & Sebastian





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